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released April 1, 2014

Written and performed by Natalie Glubb, Johnny LaRusic, Lindsay Partin, Mark Payerl
Trumpet on 'Mountains' by Andrew Lee

Recorded by Intern Jim at Doukhobor Studios (Whistler BC)
Mixing, mastering, and some re-recorded guitars by Kyle Statham at Bear Mountain Studios (Vancouver BC)
Artwork by Edward Juan

Thank you: Nick, Rob and the Chernoff family, Kyle Statham, Andrew Lee, Edward Juan, Caitie LeFroid, Pete Gryschuk, Tim Clapp, mi'ens, Thomas Nugent, and Brandon Yan.


all rights reserved



wild/kind Vancouver, British Columbia

Indie pop from Vancouver BC.
Trusted by dentists, and Dr. Mom.


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Track Name: Ready To Go
Drop rules that you've set
Trying to make a mark on you
It works like a tether
You wanna tighten the pace
Take measure of the secret buzz
We get when together

You know I'm ready to go

With ever a note that I pass
Your response of a distant cool
Is just how to smother
All the moments I trace
Just searching for that nervous touch
You get from another

You know I'm ready to go

Although you say "yeah"
I guess I still wonder

To give ourselves up to surrender
You never seem to show that hunger, do you?
Try to read just how we're trending
I guess I'm not that good at waiting, are you?

You know I'm ready to go

And though it was broke
I guess I still wonder
Track Name: The Mountains of New Brunswick
So you're thinking of leaving
Oh, but where will you wander?
All the way to Toronto?
Or will your heart aim farther?

Those miles away
You know they're the same
Take care: the embassy won't take the blame
These kids today
All looking for change
You know the embassy won't take the blame

It's enough just to stand on
This mountain I call my home
If you never get taller
You can stand on my shoulders

Speaking from my own life
Knowing what you don't
You're trading in a good lie
For something unknown

How every time you falter, I could take over
Every time you stumble, I could take over
Every time you warble, I could take over
Every time you're humbled, i could take over

Leaving the good life
For something unknown
You're loosening your grip on some control
Track Name: Think Different.
If I could simplify the world by just one click
It'd make my bad decisions all perfect

If I could simplify ourselves by just one bit
I think it'd make my demons all worth it

I hear you too, I hear you too
I feel you too, I feel you too

Take in all you can, and make it quick
You better take in all you can, and make it quick
I never met a man who solved his problems solo
Every island you create adds years of toil
So take in all you can, and make it quick

I hear you too, I hear you too
I feel you too, I feel you too

Try to change the world, and make it stick
The motion that you start will never quit
Track Name: Coasts
Tried my best to leave it
Alone you'd be the one to understand
But if I can't be yours alone
I could shut up, and we could form a band

Sings songs of simple truths
Not songs just simple

In pink t-shirts, with keyboard bleeps, and drum machines
Our anthems to the Queen
And if we never get paid well, or sell our Hell
We're damned the memories

We'll sing 'till we can only scream
The song's all in my head
It's all in my hands

And if we split the coasts in half
Oh Canada! Don't tell a sad story
About two boys and their band
Don't make this your master plan
But if we split the coasts in half
There's still the sea to swim across
The Pacific and Atlantic ocean currents
They drag me back to you

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